Vegas Inc’s 2021 Top Doctors

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Vegas Inc’s 2021 Top Doctors

Dr. Atousa Ghaneian, pediatrician with Healthy Kids Care at Sunrise and recipient of the Reader’s Choice Patient Experience award.

When you need a health care provider, you likely ask your doctors, friends, family and colleagues for referrals and carefully research your options. For our 11th annual Top Doctors, Health Care Quarterly has done the work for you.

We surveyed thousands of local physicians to get their recommendations of doctors by specialty, selecting only those who received multiple nominations. We also invited the public to nominate doctors who have made an impact in their lives and our community in our Reader’s Choice category—with submissions carefully reviewed and selected by a panel of medical professionals.

The result is a truly comprehensive listing of some of the top doctors you can find in the Valley—each one checked against records with state medical boards to ensure that they are in good standing. This is the list you’ll want to grab any time you need to find a provider.


You can read the original article here: Vegas Inc’s 2021 Top Doctors

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